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· Much of the retail development in the UK has been in the form of out-of-town
developments as lower land-values, the availability of land for expansion, a
nearby labour force and good access routes on the rural-urban fringe of
settlements has encouraged out-of-town centres to develop.
· These out-of-town centres, contain large, well-known stores and often have
attractions for all the family, including leisure facilities, catering outlets etc.
· The growth of these developments has caused problems such as:
· - traffic congestion around the area of these developments
· - larger stores are often attracted away from town centres to these new centres.
· - fewer people visiting the city centres resulting in a `dead heart' particularly in
smaller market towns and economic decline.…read more

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· Known as `Europe's largest retail and leisure complex' opened in 1999 .
· Located near Dartford, Kent
· It was built on a Brownfield site in a dis-used chalk quarry and is just outside the
M25 giving good access for visitors.
· Blue water has over 14 hectares of retail space and almost 1.5 hectares for indoor
leisure use. The rest of the site is occupied for parkland, lakes and car parking.
· It has over 25million visitors per year with 11million people living within one hours
drive meaning the catchment area is good.…read more

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· 320 shops
· Parking for 13,000 cars
· It is open until 9pm every day
· 3 anchor stores ­ John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser
· Cafes and restaurants
· 50 acres of lakes and parkland, playgrounds and cycle ways
· 12 screen cinema
· Crèche
· `complete leisure experience' ­ family day out.…read more

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· It is located around 35km from Central London and the nearest towns are Dartford
and Gravesend.
· £30million has been spent on improvements to the public road network around
blue water and local bus services and long distance coach services enabling
people to more easily visit.
· Footpaths and cycle paths also enable locals to visit safely…read more

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· Too close to Thurrock?
· Impact on Gravesend and Dartford where the CBD's have suffered from
competition `dead heart'.
· Increased congestion on the roads/accidents until late at night.
· Light pollution
· Now acting as a growth pole, attracting hotels, business parks and other retail to
an already busy area.…read more

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