Beliefs and Values 2007

These were my answers to question 2 (b), (c), (d) in that paper. These are not intended as 'ideal answers' to those questions, but it has points about sin and trinity all in one page, which I think is quite nice to have as revision.

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2 (b) The word sin comes from the Greek word `hamartia' ­ meaning to miss the mark ­ and it
suggests that sin is when we don't fulfil God's goals for us. For Roman Catholics, there are two types
of sins. The first type ­ venial sin ­ is sin which is not serious, for example, telling a white lie. A person
can confess this privately to God, without going through a priest. The other type of sin is mortal: and
this is a very serious sin, such as murder. This kind of sin has to be confessed to a priest, so that he can
help the person to receive God's forgiveness. Some fundamentalist Christians believe that all humans
are born with sin in their lives, which has come through from Adam and Eve, and that this is original
sin. Orthodox Christians believe that it's our mortality that make us sin, and for them, this is original
sin. More liberal Christians see original sin as the build-up of negative influences in the world over a
long period of time, which in the end, affects us all.
(c) The Trinity comes from `tri' ­ meaning three ­ and `unity' ­ one ­ and it refers to God as
three-in-one. That is, that there are three `persons' of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Christian belief in the Trinity is important for Christians, because it illustrates the belief that Jesus
could do miracles ­ such as rising from the dead, and turning water into wine at Cana. It also enables
Christians to believe that God can identify with the in all that happens on earth. Through this belief, it
shows that Jesus is more than just a good man. It also makes God more personal to us. For
fundamentalists, it is important as it is expressed in the Bible, and since the Bible is the word of God,
then it must be true, and we should believe in it wholly. The belief in the Holy Spirit enables Christians
to believe that God is present with us today, and this upholds the belief that God is omnipresent. For
charismatic Christians, belief in the Trinity ­ especially in the Holy Spirit ­ is important because using
the gifts of the spirit forms as part of their weekly worship.
(d) Personally, I agree with the statement, because I believe no ordinary person can rise from the
dead, as the meaning of the word death is the permanent end of life. Also, some atheists would say
that no one has come back from the dead.
However, as Christians believe that Jesus resurrected, it is possible for people to rise from the dead.
Also, because Jesus was the son of God, he would be capable of doing anything, including


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