Religious Studies (-Religion and Morality)

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The Causes:

  • excessive debt interest
  • natural disasters
  • over population *
  • climate change *
  • corruption
  • low income, more hours
  • no trade *
  • war
  • rich countries - OPPRESSION
  • natural climate/location *
  • political reasons

One of the biggest causes of poverty is climate. In order to grow crops to eat or feed animals, a certain amount of rainfall is needed. Summers are very hot which makes the land arid and impossible to plant crops. Therefore, people cannot get enough food which means they starve. When it does rain, it comes in downfalls and because they have no irregation, the land ends up being eroded.

Another cause of poverty is population growth. People have more babies which means more mouths to feed. Alongside this, there will be less room for everyone so many will have to share space. Therefore, it will be cramped.

The world trade system is unfair because poor countries cannot afford to pay the prices that MEDCs ask for. Therefore, they have to depend upon themselves. Self-production is hindered by wealthy farmers who use the agricultural land to grow their own crops. So the land is not being used to grow crops for the poor, and the profit doesn't help the poor either. However, every country needs to trade with others in order to receive those items they cannot afford or get themselves. This is a part of global interdependence. LEDCs buy products they need but at market prices they cannot afford hence leading them into debts



The main teaching is to 'love your neighbour as yourself' which introduces the parable of the good Samaritan. The parable teaches Christians that people in need must be helped, even if they are from a different race or religion. Spending life obsessively gaining money prevents a Christian from getting close to God or showing their love for God. Instead, money should be used to help the poor and homeless. There are many Christian charities working throughout the world (e.g. Christian Aid, CAFDOD, Tearfund, World Vision) to help the poor.


Jews believe that, as all wealth comes from God, it should be shared with those who do not have a fair share. Any Jew anywhere has the right to live in Israel, so many escape poverty this way. The prophets who lived between the 7th and 4th centuries BCE (e.g. Amos) warned that those who built great wealth through exploiting the poor would be punished. The book of Deuteronomy instructs Jews to cancel debt every seven years. This requirement from God could be interpreted as an instruction for the debts LEDCs have accumulated to be cancelled by the rich countries who loaned the money.


Justice: bringing about what is right and fair according to the law, or making up for what has been done wrong, often portrayed as a set of balanced


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