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Marriage Marriage is encouraged. It is the Encourage marriage. Creates
correct context for children (and stable relationship and commitment.
sex) as it will be born into a But it is understandable not to get
stable environment which is married (applies all churches)
provided with the…

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Marriage is a covenant and in It is the most compassionate thing
Mark 10 it says that remarriage to do.
is adultery. A sacrament.

Contraceptio Artificial contraception is Wrong. Believe it is the responsibility of the
n And that is interferes with god's people to decide when and how

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and homosexual women to have

Genetic NO! Picking a choosing is Yes, scientists should use their
Engineering playing God, and is risky as can knowledge.
cause discrimination.
Disrespecting the sanctity of
human life

Why? Life begins at fertilization and Jesus always tried to healed
should be protected not used...…

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seem as if sick people's lives are
less valuable than a healthy

Human life is sacred and worthy Passive is not actively killing
of the highest respect. We are someone and can bring about a
made in God's image and should more dignified and "happy" death
not commit murder.…


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