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Changing attitudes to marriage, divorce, family life and homosexuality in the UK:
How attitudes have changed:
· Most people have sex before marriage
· It is now socially acceptable to cohabit rather than marry
· The average age for marriage has risen
· Only a minority of marriages happen in…

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· All Christians are against adultery because it breaks their wedding vows
· Adultery is condemned in the 10 commandments
· Adultery is condemned by Jesus in the Gospels and all Christians should follow Jesus' teachings
Summary: all Christians believe adultery is wrong as it breaks one of the 10…

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· Churches try to be family friendly so that family life can be strengthened by worship
· Many churches provide financial support if e.g. the family wage earner is ill or made redundant
Summary: Christian churches help with family life by:
· Welcoming families to worship together
· The priest/minister…

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· There is nothing in the Bible forbidding contraception
· In 1930 the Lanbeth conference of the world wide Anglican Communion (church of England)
declared it was legitimate for Christian so use contraception to limit family size. This has been
followed by the major protestant churches and orthodox churches

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Faithfulness Staying with your marriage partner and having sex only with them
Re-constituted Where 2 sets of children (step brothers and step sisters) become
family one family when their divorced parents marry each other


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