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The Christian Church: over 2000 years the Christian church has divided into many different denominations.
The main churches we will think about are: The church of England, The Methodist church, Evangelical church (all
protestant church).

The organisation structure of these churches is reflected in the decisions they make. The r.c…

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Problems in multi-ethnic societies:

· Employers are prejudice
· Landlords are prejudice
· Teachers are prejudice so some races don't get as good an education as others and therefore can't get
good jobs in the future
· Police officers can be prejudice so crimes can be dealt with unfairly

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· All are descended from one man, Adam
· There are Christian leaders of all race and colour
· All Christian churches encourage living in harmony and not racism
1. The Peter began to speak" I now realize how true it is that G-d does not show favoritism but accepts…

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Issues raised for religion by a multi-faith society:

Summary: A multi-faith society needs to have laws giving equal rights to all religions and to those who
have no religion (pluralism). However a multi-faith society can raise problems for religious people in areas
such as:

· Conversion attempts by other faiths…

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Summary: When studying the presentation of an issue from religion and community cohesion in the media,
you must be able to explain why the issue was chosen, how it was presented, whether the presentation
treated religious people fairly and whether the presentation treated religious beliefs fairly.

Key Words:

Word Definition…


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