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AS-Level ­ Graphics ­ Cardboard
"Corrugated cardboard is a stiff, strong, and light-weight material made up of three layers of brown
kraft paper."

Most boxes that you use such as display boxes and also what's used to deliver your products.
Because corrugated cardboard is such a versatile packaging material,…

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The Manufacturing Process

1. Pulping the pine chips
First, tree trucnks are stripped of bark and torn into small chips. Next, These chips are placed in a
large high-pressure tank called a batch digester, this is where they are cooked in a solution made of
sodium hydroxide and several other…

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Using powerful fork-lifts, skilled equipment operators select, move, and load rolls of kraft paper at
one end of the corrugator. Corrugated cardboard manufacture includes two key steps: making kraft
paper and corrugating the
cardboard. Kraft paper
involves pulping wood chips
and then feeding the resulting
paper substance through
massive steam…

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10. The corrugating rolls are covered with I O flutes --horizontal, parallel ridges like the teeth of
massively wide gears. When the hot paper passes between the corrugating rolls, the flutes trap and
bend it, forming the middle part of a sheet of corrugated cardboard. Each corrugating machine has


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