Scale Of Production

how & why products are manufactured using one-off production, batch production, high volumes production & continous productions

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  • single
  • custom made products requiring skilled, specialist craft people

EG: vinyl graphics for signs & tansport livery, architectural models, movie props, posters


  • can be made to exact specifications
  • low tooling costs
  • design can be changed easily


  • slow
  • labour intensive
  • skilled, specialists craftspeople often required
  • expensive materials & processes often used
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  • products produced in specified quantities
  • production runs can be large or small
  • companies can switch production to different products

EG: stationary, business cards, leaflets, brochurs, posters, postures, point of sale displays, promotional packaging


  • flexible systems can be changed to produce different products easily
  • rapid response to changes in customwer needs
  • east to change size of bathces
  • possible to adapt processes between bathces
  • bulk buying of raw materials at lower cost


  • advantages enjoyed by volume manufacture are sacrificed in order to achieve flexibility which leads to a slower, more expensive process & product
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  • large numbers of products are produced on a production line making use of faster, more automated manufacturing processes & a largely unskilled workforce

EG: standard plastic bottles & containers, standard card & paper products


  • less labour & more automation lead to higher efficiency
  • work can be divided into simple, repetitive tast suitable for cheap unskilled labour
  • bulk buying of raw materials at lower prices
  • all above lead to lower unit costs & a cheaper product


  • very expensive to purchase & set up specialised machinery
  • difficult to make big changes during production
  • social issues due to fewer jobs created & relience on unskilled labour performing boring, repetitive tasks
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  • where identical products produced continuosly, in large quantities, along production lines which can work non-stop

EG: pharmaceutical products & packaging, aluminium cans, plastic bags


  • shares the advantages og high colume production, rapid non-stop production makes optimum use of capital investment


  • shares disadvantages of high volume production
  • difficult to maintain machinery
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