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AS-Level ­ Graphics ­ Rotational
Rotational Moulding is also known as `rotomoulding' is basically used for the
creation of hollow materials.

The way rational moulding works is that the hollow mould is filled with a charge of
material then slowly rotated causing the softened plastic to disperse around the…

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Up and Over rotational machine between the heating and cooling areas. These machines can vary in size
from small to medium and these machines take up much less space than multi-arm machines.

Shuttle machine is the most commonly used machine in the industry. It has up to 6 arms and…

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Products that can be created from
Rotational Moulding include:

Rowing Boats


Rotational mouding offers design advantages over other moulding processes. It requires less tooling and so
that be put into production much sooner. Rotational Moulding is also mostly used for short runs or rush



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