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AS-Level ­ Graphics ­ Cardboard
Quality Assurance:
Quality assurance is what we call the program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of
various parts of a product, service or even facility to ensure that the quality standards set out at the
start are being met.
One thing to remember is that even when using quality assurance, it cannot guarantee the
production of quality products.
Two Main Parts of QA:
Fit For Purpose ­ The product should be suitable for the intended purpose.
Right First Time ­ Mistakes should be eliminated.
The quality is set out by the intended users or customers, not by society. This means it's not the
same as expensive or high quality. Low priced goods can be high quality if they meet or exceed the
needs of the market. Quality assurance is more than just the basic testing for quality. It looks into
the quality to make sure it meets the specific requirements and complies with the plans.
Quality Control:
Quality control is the process which reviews the quality of all factors involved in production. This is
broken down into 3 parts:
1. Elements such as controls, job management, managed processes, performance and integrity
and finally identification of records.
2. Competence, such as the knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications of the workers.
3. Other elements such as personnel integrity, confidence, motivation, team spirit and quality
The quality of the outputs is a risk if these 3 aspects are deficient in any way.
Quality control is the testing of products to uncover defects, and from that then reporting them to
management who makes the decision to allow or deny the release. This is different to quality
assurance as those attempts to improve production and to avoid everything that makes the defects
in the first place.
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Quality Control Vs. Quality Assurance:
To prevent mistakes from coming up quality assurance is used. However, just because quality
assurance is being used, it doesn't mean you don't need quality control.
Failure Testing:
This is a valuable process as it is performed on the whole consumer product. This is the operation of
a product until it fails, which is usually under stresses such as increasing vibration, temperature and
humidity. This will expose unanticipated weaknesses in a product. Often simple changes can
dramatically improve a product.…read more

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Black Belts operate under Master Black Belts to apply Six Sigma methodology to specific
projects. They devote 100% of their time to Six Sigma. They primarily focus on Six Sigma
project execution, whereas Champions and Master Black Belts focus on identifying
projects/functions for Six Sigma.
Green Belts are the employees who take up Six Sigma implementation along with their
other job responsibilities, operating under the guidance of Black Belts.
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