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AS-Level ­ Graphics ­ Dough Moulding
Dough moulding which is also known as compression moulding is simply when the plastic dough is
compressed into the mould. Compression molding is a forming process in which a plastic material is
placed directly into a heated metal mold, then is softened by the heat, and forced to conform to the
shape of the mold as the mold closes.
Dough Moulding is the term used to describe the reinforced plastic mixture with a dough like
consistency. A dough moulding compound consists of polyester resin, glass fibre, calcium
carbonate, lubricants, and catalysts. The compounds are then formed into products by
hand lay up processes and compression moulding. Another name for Dough Moulding is
DMC. A DMC machine is used to mould dough or Bulk Moulding Compaounds. The plastic
moulding machinery is designed and manufactured for use in plastic moulding production
plants. Depending on the type of process used to mould a DMC, different machine are
used. The reason it's called dough moulding compound is because it properties are just
like dough.
Compression Moulding works in the following way:
1. DMC is placed between the heated plug and yoke of the compression moulding machine.
2. The plug pushes the DMC into a heated mould, where heat from the mould cures and
hardens the DMC.
3. When the DMC is cured its ready to be released from the mould.
Products made from DMC:
- Automotive Parts
- Oven Parts
- Water Tank Panels
- Railway Insulators
- Box Office Equipment Parts
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