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The Crimean
Reporting of the War
Impact on Public opinion
Because the public could see images and read reports directly from the war they were far
more aware of events than before. The coverage increased widespread sympathy, with many
people sending chocolate Tobacco and socks to the troops.
However public anger did follow when they found out the commissariat had failed to
deliver these presents
Forming an opinion
A newspapers business is to sell as many copies as you can and therefore they did not
supply objective information
They made news seem much more exciting and interesting, dramatizing events
Changing opinion
At the start of the war public mostly viewed it as a romantic pursuit
However due to the detailed reports by Russell, army leaders were revealed to be
ill-prepared and incompetent where facilities for the wounded and ill were completely
They also helped to raise fund for the troops and to change the political decision
Two factors caused a lot of suffering during the war...
Attitude ­ the army expected the soldiers to rough it. However, the senior officers had
enough to drink and comfortable accommodation (Lucan brought a French Chef)
Organisation ­ supplies could reach Crimea but due to the lack of infrastructure it made it
difficult to move it to higher ground around Sebastopol

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Due to a hurricane on 14th November 18534 it destroyed ships containing army's supplies
and around 40,000 winter uniforms
Winter was the worst in living memory
Lose of Causeway heights made it even more difficult to supply food and fuel
Poor preparation
The British suffered far worse than their French allies
Were sent out with summer clothing
Shelter ­ army tents were not insulated / waterproof
Fuel ­ stuck in port
Food ­ stuck in port
Public response
These reports helped from a line…read more

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Women in the Crimea
Writing in September 1854, Russell wrote how the troops were less cared for than the French.…read more

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The fact that Queen Victoria visited this many times is an indication of the greatly changed
nature of wounded soldiers.
Cardwell army reforms 1868-74
In 1867 Britain had only 5,000 reservists, and the role of solider did not appeal to many
It mean committing 10 years to the army
Flogging still common
Branding still used as punishment
However, through Cardwell's reforms to the army...…read more



These are good summary notes on the Crimean War, arranged by topic. The sections make them particularly useful for Edexcel Unit 2: Experience of Warfare 1854-1929.

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