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Crimea War Notes
Causes of the Crimean War
Long term causes:
Strategic importance of Constantinople/black sea
Weakness of the Ottoman empire
Medium term causes:
Conflicts over the treatment of Christians in the Ottoman empire ­ control of the holy church
in Jerusalem
Russian desire to control/access to the black sea ­ to be able to use warm water ports
Short term causes:
Russian troops moved into Moldavia (Danupe)
Ottomans declared war October 1853
The sinking of Ottoman ships at Sinope brought Britain and France in…read more

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Crimea War Notes
What happened in the Crimean War?
October ­ Russia declares war
30th November ­ Turkish fleet destroyed by the Russians in the Battle of Sinope
March ­ France and Britain declare war on Russia
May ­ British field army of about 28,000 men (with French forces of the same size) landed in Varna
28th June ­ British forces ordered to invade the Crimea
20th September ­ The Battle of Alma: allied forces defeat Russian troops blocking the road to
Sebastopol…read more

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Crimea War Notes
Main Events in the Crimea
The Battle of Alma
Happened 22nd September 1854
Russia commander decided not to attack and troops took positions three miles south of Alma
Russians took position on higher ground (the leader believed it was easier to defend)
French and British stopped troops near to water, ready for battle (it was there cholera took
its toll)
With epidemic threat St Arnaud (French commander) and lord Raglan discussed tactics
The British and the French had no idea of…read more

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Crimea War Notes
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Lord Raglan ordered Lord Lucan (his cavalry commander) to stop the Russians from removing
captured cannon from the Causeway heights that overlooked two valleys close to Balaclava
Confusion between the two commanders (on unclear directions) of the written and verbal
directions Captain Nolan gave meant that Lucan sent the Light Brigade up the wrong valley
The Light Brigade were faced with shooting on either side
600 British troops died
This event was a failure but overall…read more

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Crimea War Notes
Incompetence of British commanders and administration
New nursing techniques
The reporting of the conflict
Modern innovations ­ use of the railway and telegraphs
How was the Crimean War reported?
Lord Raglan ­ in charge of the army
Lord Lucan ­ in charge of the cavalry (men on horses)
William Howard Russell ­ times newspaper reporter
Roger Fenton ­ photographer
Who What they did in the Crimea? Why should we treat their
report carefully?
Roger Fenton Produced an album of photos Couldn't take…read more

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Crimea War Notes
The soldiers were brave heroes
The soldiers received a positive portrayal
The charge was lots of men on horses charging at the enemy
The charge was chaotic and un-organised
It was a fearful spectacle
Overall the charge was a disaster
After the charge questions were raised about command, organisation and the unnecessary
suffering of the soldiers
The impact of Fenton and Russell:
New feelings of empathy towards the military
Shocked Victorians (especially Russell) ended naive and patriotic view
War office determined to…read more

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Crimea War Notes
Some quotes to support the idea of the Light Brigade as noble/heroic:
`glory fade'
`honour the charge they made'
`noble six hundred'
`fought so well'
`horse and hero fell'
`boldly they rode and well'
Where does Tennyson indicate that there was a problem with the order?
`someone had a blunder'
`not though the soldier knew'
How does Tennyson want us to remember the Light Brigade?
Telling us that they are noble and we should honour them…read more

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Crimea War Notes
He is creating a myth
Time line…read more

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Crimea War Notes
Ottoman Vs Russian
France/Britain declare war on Russia
Battle of Alma
Beginning of the Siege of Sebastopol
Battle of Balaclava
The thin red line
The charge of the light brigade
End of the Siege of Sebastopol
Just after 1856 the Treaty of Paris signed…read more


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