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Chopin- Prelude No. 14
Area of Study 1…read more

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· Composed by Chopin during the Romantic era (19th Century).
· Music in the Romantic era is emotional and expressive.
· Composed for the piano.
· Is taken from a set of 24 preludes.…read more

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Section A Section B
· Cantabile melody line- sounds as
though it can be sung.
· Melody is in treble- in right hand. · Melody is in bass- left hand.
· Use of falling motifs . · No use of falling motifs.
· Pedal notes/Repeated notes in bass- · Pedal notes/Repeated notes played in
in left hand treble- in right hand.
· Legato- played smoothly, no breaks
between notes.
· Use of rubato- ignoring strict tempo:
shortening and lengthening some
notes. (An example is acciaccatura-
crushed notes).…read more

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· Dynamics vary from very soft to very loud (pp-ff).
· Many crescendos and diminuendos are used.
Section A Section B
· Is soft throughout · Starts off soft- sotto voce.
· Then crescendo to ff/
· Then starts to calms down-
· Ends very softly.…read more

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· Use of octaves.
· Broken chordal notes in treble- right hand,
· Chordal accompaniment/backing in bass- left hand,
· Together providing a homophonic texture,
· But there is a monophonic texture in coda-end.…read more

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· Ternary form- ABA
Goes to a Very short
Starts with Ends with a
Long section return to
section A. CODA.
B. section A.…read more

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