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  • Music
    • Area Of Study 1:Western Classical Music 1600-1899
      • 'And The Glory Of The Lord' by Handel
      • 'Symphony No. 40' by Mozart
      • 'Prelude No. 15' by Chopin
    • Area Of Study 3:Popular Music In Context
      • 'All Blues' by Davis
      • 'Grace' by Buckley
      • 'Why Does My Heart feel so bad' by Moby
    • Area Of Study 4:World Music
      • 'Skye Waulking Song' by Capercaille
      • Rag Desh
      • 'Yiri' by Koko
    • Area Of Study 2:Music in the 20th Century
      • 'Perapatie' by Schoenberg
      • 'Something's Coming' by Bernstein
      • 'Electric Counterpoint' by Reich


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