Structure of Music


Area Study One

And the Glory of the Lord by George Handel

Made up of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bass.

Movement contains four different motifs - 1. Altos in Bar 11(A major) 2. Tenors in Bar 17 (descending sequence)and (melisma on word 'revealed') 3. Altos in Bar 43 4. Tenors and basses in Bar 51.

Mozart: Symphony No.40 

This movement is in Sonata Form in the key of G minor. 

This piece has three main sections - Exposition which has first and second subjects, Development andRecapitulation which has first and second subjects and also has a Coda with repeated perfect cadences in G minor,

Chopin: The Raindrop Prelude No.15 in Db major

The form of the piece is in Ternary Form (ABA) - Section A begins in Db major and has a lyrical melody that are accompanied by quavers in the bass. Has its own ABA structure. Section B is in C# minor, the music has moved from major to minor and builds up to a couple of ff climaxes.

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