Muslim teachings- RE revsion

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  • Islam
    • War and peace
      • Muslims greet others with 'salaam aleiklum' which means 'may peace be with you'
      • The word Islam means peace
      • Jihad. Lesser Jihad- a military struggle- modern muslims now argue that this doesn't exist
    • Drugs
      • "Make not your own hands contribute to your own destruction"
    • Animals
      • Halal meat- you can only eat animals a certain way and you can't eat pork, or pig in general
      • Shari'ah law hasd guidelines on how to treat animals
      • 'It is God who provided for you all manner of livestock, that you may ride on some of them for you to satisfy your hearts desires. It is on them, as on ships, you make journeys
    • Prejudice
      • Believe that Allah created the Earth and everything on it, and therefore everyone should be treated equally
      • "Allah does not look upon your outer appearances, but upon your heart and also your deeds"
      • Islamophobia
    • Crime
      • "Whoever works rightousness recieves a new life"
      • In some Islamic countries, it is a religious and state offence to convert from Islam to another religion
    • Poverty
      • Stewardship applies to this as well
    • Planet Earth
      • Stewardship- they are entitled to care for this Earth but still use it's resources
      • Believe that the Universe was created by Allah out of nothing, and it was planned. Angels were sent bringing several handfuls of Earth


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