AQA INFO1 Health and Safety in Software

list of all the things to be considered in Health and Safety in Software

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Heath and safety in software
Does the user feel they are under pressure to do something
difficult in a fast manner?
Are there flashing lights if so is there a warning notice?
Does software force user to stay at the computer?
Can the software be closed down easily?
Does the software have a reliable `save' function?
Is there a chance for interaction with other humans during
Is the design consistent?
Documentation accompanying the program should also be
The user should not have to wade through a lot of confusing
material to learn about basic features of the software, such
as how to start the program or print out the results.
There should be an opening menu, or general menu, from
which other menus can be accessed, but you should never
go more than three or four levels deep
The grouping of items in each menu should be natural and
There should be either letters or numbers that allow the user
to gain quick access to a particular item in the menu.
Is the user in control?
Is help more than a click away?
User mistakes should be easily rectifiable. The system
should enable users to go forwards and backwards, undo
and redo, enter and exit, with ease.
Error messages should not look intimidating.
Provide a userfriendly manual, preferably written with the
novice user in mind.
The user should be able to get out of trouble easily, for
example by pressing the ESC key
Is text a readable size?
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