Chapter 1 ICT AQA

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  • Chapter 1
    • health problems
      • RSI
        • This is when you do a certain movement such as typing too much and you damage muscles
        • It can have lasting damage
        • It can be reduced by using ergonomic devices to support you wrists also adjusting you chair reduces it in you back
      • Back problems
        • This usually occurs when you are sat in an wierd position for a long time
        • To prevent these problems you should adjust you chair correctly and have a foot rest to align your back
      • Eye strain
        • This is when you look at a computer for too long and can cause blured vision.
        • It normally occures when the light in the room are too bright meaning you cant read the screen
        • it can be prevented by having suitable lights, using non-flickering screens and having regular eye tests
      • Stress
        • This is a serious problem which cost empolyers a lot of money
        • The causes are indervidual for each user but most common is slow computers, spam, pop-up adds, viruses and many more
        • To reduce stress you should just calm down and breath deeply and make sure evrythin in the office is designed to reduce stress
    • Laws
      • The main law is the Health and safety (display screen equipmen) regulation of 1992
      • This law satets then the employer ust provide certain objects
      • Adujstable chairs, tiltable screens, anti-glare screens, provide times for breaks and provide regular eye tesd for computer users
    • New software
      • When creating softawre for customers the cretor must take into account a rnage of different aspects making it better for users
      • They have to try and reduce stress so not making it too complicated for basic users
      • Screen layout, colour scheme,clear instructions, menu system, drop down list all of these relate to reduce the health problems of users


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