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Becky's Case Studies Sheets ­ Geography Physical Paper A


Case Study: An area of Fold Mountains (Topic 1:2)
The Alps Mountain Range.

Where an area of sea separates two plates, sediments settle on the sea floor in depressions called geosynclines. These sediments

gradually become compressed into sedimentary rock.…

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Economic Environmental Social
200 houses destroyed Over 4km3 of material emitted. 57 people killed
A quarter of this is fresh lava.
27 bridges destroyed The removal of the north side of 1,500 elk killed
the mountain (13% of the cone's
volume) reduces the mountains
height be 400m.
15 miles…

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Case Study: A Supervolcano (Topic 1:5)

What is a Supervolcano?
A supervolcano is a volcano that emits at least 1000km3 of material. They have large depressions called

How are Supervolcanoes formed?
Rising magma cannot escape, and a large bulge appears on the surface. Cracks appear in
the surface…

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Environmental Impacts

Social Impacts

Immediate Responses
Important Route 5 highway repaired 1 day after the Emergency supplies distributed. This includes food water
earthquake. Thick metal plates used. and medicine.
International aid is slow to arrive.
Power restored to 90% of homes in 10…

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President analyzes situation. Asks for specific help UN sent troops and were able to feed 2 million people.
including field hospitals, satellite phones and floating
USA sent helicopters, 10,000 troops, search and rescue
teams and $100 million in aid.
235,000 Haitians relocated.
Longer Term Responses

Prediction, Protection…

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Immediate Long term

Fresh water, water purification tablets, food, and shelter £372 million donated by the British Public in a year.
Medical teams and forensic scientists arrive and begin £40 million spent on rebuilding projects in Indonesia
search and rescue. and Sri Lanka.

UK government promises £75 million,…

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Social Impacts
600 dead Power cuts cause stress and shock.
30 million homeless PC Barker killed rescuing people from a bridge.
100,000 suffer from diarrhoea. Communication cut between towns.
Wool tangled in everything due to flooded knitting shop.

Immediate Responses
Food supplies, medicines, clothes and…

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Advantages Disadvantages
Prevents Yangtze River from flooding. 10 year payback time ($30,000,000,000)
Generates the equivalent of 18 nuclear power stations. Took 12 years and 60,000 workers to build.
Largest HEP supplier in the world. Workers receive minimum wage and had dangerous
unclean working conditions.
Contains 32 turbines. 100 workers died…

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Snowboarding Rafting/Canyoning
Cable Cars Ice Caves
Snowshoe Trails Mountain Biking
Cog Railways Hiking (350km of marked trails in Chamonix)
Cross Country Skiing Outdoor Cafes & Music
Paragliding Tree Trekking

Impacts that Chamonix has as a resort.

Social Economic Environmental
Conflicts arise between different Tourists boost local economy. Noise from machinery…

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Helping Local Sectors and Businesses

Reducing the impact of SKIing

Case Study: Fragile Environments (Topic 6:6)

Abondance, France
15 years of unreliable snowfall cause the ski lifts to be closed.
This puts pressure on higher up fragile environments.
o Infrastructure construction impacts ecosystems.
o Deforestation increases avalanche risk.


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