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AQA A Geography Case Studies
Editor Conrad Will
These notes contain the required case studies for the following topics:
· Unit 1A The Restless Earth
· Unit 1A Rocks, Resources and Scenery
· Unit 1B Water on the Land
· Unit 2A Population Change
· Unit 2A Changing Urban Environments
· Unit 2B Tourism…read more

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AQA A Geography Case Studies Unit 1A The Restless Earth
Fold Mountain Range:
The Alps
Location: Central Europe Formation: 30 million years ago, by collision of African and
European plates Population: 12 million
HydroElectric Power (HEP) Farming
· The narrow valleys are dammed to generate
· The steep, upland areas are used to farm
HEP e.g. Berne, Switzerland.…read more

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Poor Soils
Animals are grazed in the higher areas as the soil isn't great for growing crops
Limited Communications
Roads have been built over passes (e.g. Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy). It takes a
long time to drive over passes and they can be blocked by snow so tunnels have been cut
through the mountains to create fast transport links (e.g.…read more

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AQA A Geography Case Studies Unit 1A The Restless Earth
Volcanic Eruption:
Date of Eruption: June 25th 1997 Size of Eruption: Large 45 million m3 of rocks and
gas released Death Toll: 19 killed Causes: 1. Montserrat is above a destructive plate
margin, where the Atlantic plate is being forced under the Caribbean plate 2. Magma
rose up through the weak points under the Soufrière Hills, forming an underground pool
of magma 3.…read more



This PDF doesn't contain the case studies from 2A onwards

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