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"where people visit Cities
places for enjoyment Culture
and stay away from Entertainment
home for one night" Shopping
Mountain areas Increase in tourism
Activities More disposable income
Snow More leisure
Scenery Interment and packages
Coastal areas Improved transport
Climate Early retirement
Sand…read more

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Economy Affecting factors
2007 - £114 billion, Major events ­ London
1.4 billion jobs 2012? 2008 ­ Liverpool
2008 ­ 32 million centre of culture
overseas visitors Exchange rate low-
Historic landmarks more tourists
· Castles and palaces World economy ­
· Churches and cathedrals recession
· London Terrorism and conflict
­ 7th jolly 2005
Weather ­ wet
summer of 2007…read more

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Why visit? · Hard wearing materials
Cultural attractions e.g.. Protecting environment
Beatrix Potter's house · Close gates
· Litter
Scenery e.g.. Windemere,
· Boats on lakes ­ oil etc.
Scarfell Pike
Activities e.g.. Walking, Strategies
sailing Extra 2 million visitors by
Impacts of tourism 2018 - £1.5 billion
Traffic Improved public transport
· 89% come by car Efficient road network
· Public transport Advertising
· Discounts for train tickets at Repair footpaths
· More car parks
Time share
Erosion of footpaths Tourism outside national
parks encouraged
· Use less vulnerable areas…read more

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Why visit? Beach and sea pollution
Boomed between 1900-1950 Cheap package holidays
Piers and promenade Unemployment out of season
Sandy beach Families frightened about binge
Mid 19th century railway to
Manchester Strategies
Why declined? Zoo upgraded- sea life centre
Disposables income increased Pleasure beach
Somewhere different Off season events, conferences
Package holiday Illuminations (1879) upgraded -
£10million investment
Unreliable weather
Upgraded tower and ballroom closed
Other seaside resort between 1900- 10 months
· Visitors dropped from 17million to Private investment and local
11million authority grants improved facilities
· 1000 hotels stopped trading Failing hotels ­ sled catering flats
· 300 holiday flat premises closed Road improvement access ­ M56, M6
· Hotel occupancy fell as low as 25%
Cleaned beaches ­ EU blue flag
Impacts and problems Smartening visitor areas
Beach erosion
Overcrowding and traffic jams…read more

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1. Exploration
Few numbers
No tourist services
Culture etc
2. Involvement
Local population provide services
3. Development
Big companies build hotels etc
Job opportunities
4. Consolidation
Hotels and facilities get older
Rowdiness becomes a problem
Secure employment ­ high visitors
Tourism a big part of local
5. Stagnation
Tourist numbers decrease
Loss of original features
6. Rejuvenation
New attraction
Cash injection
6. Decline
Regular visitors replaced by day
trippers/people seeking a cheap
Slow/rapid…read more

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