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THE UK DTM…read more

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·Death Rates fluctuated up until 1740. DR fell, raising again in periods
of scarcity and epidemics of illness.
·Birth rates stayed high to compensate for high DRs.
·Between 1770 and 1870, infant mortality fell, mainly was a result of
improved nutrition.
·1780 onwards, improvements in agriculture helped to provide a reliable
food supply for the population.
·From 1800, Industrial revolution led to the move into the towns-
Factory owners had to ensure an efficient food supply for the workforce.
·DR increased due to sanitary conditions in the towns.
·Public Health Act 1875 ­ improved water supply and sewage disposal
·Compulsory education and factory reforms after 1870 made
employment of children difficult.
·1870s Annie Besant published pamphlets advocating birth control.…read more

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·1906 government took actions to improve the health of mothers, infants and
·1870 onwards, scientific developments steadily improved ,medical and
surgical practice.
·BR fell during the two world wars and the depression of the 1930.
·BRs rose after WW2 because of baby boom.
·Use of oral contraceptives and other contraceptives became widespread
after 1960.
·The Abortion Act 1967 legalised abortion in some circumstances.
·Working woman.
·2011 BR falling due to women prolonging pregnancy (average age for a
woman having her 1st child ­ 29) (fertility rate 1.6).
·2011 DR rising due to an ageing population.…read more

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I apologise I could only find it up to 4 stages.
(the 5th is more/or less the same as the 4th).
Stage 1: High BR, rapid Stage 2: Still high BR; Stage 3: Declining Stage 4: Low BR; low
fall in each upward age fall in DR as more BR; low DR; more DR; higher
group due to high DR; living in middle age; people living to an dependency ratio;
short life expectancy slightly longer LE. older age. longer LE.
Stage 5: low and
falling BR; falling
fertility rate; ageing
population.…read more


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