AQA Energy Issues - Complete Booklet

Absolutely everything from the beginning of the course to then end, including case studies. Topics:

- Types of Energy

- UK Energy Mix

- Patterns of Energy Supply Consumption and Trade

- Geopolitics of Energy - energy security, Gazprom and Russia, Russia-Ukraine Gas Disputes, OPEC

- The Role of TNCs in Energy Production/ Market

- Environmental Impacts of Energy Production

- Improving Sustainability - sustainable resources, transport and buildings

- 2 National Approaches to Managing Energy Supply and Demand from Contrasting Areas of the World - China and Sweden Case Studies

Hope this is helpful, and good luck in the exams!

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Yield a continuous flow that can be used at any given time. Can be used without endangering future
consumption so long as the rate of consumption does not exceed the rate at which they are being
replaced in any one period. (aka flow or income resources)
Subdivision of renewable ­ sustainable energy resources from forests, plants and animal waste that
requires prudent management .
Another subdivision of renewable ­ sustainable resources that will never run out (see flow
The product of a continuous flow like wind or tide ­ always available naturally.
Finite, or limited resources that cannot be used without depleting the stock ­ rate of formation is
meaningless regarding human lifespan.
Nonrenewable energy resources that've evolved over time and will eventually be depleted. There is
a `stock' of a certain resource ­ once stock has been depleted it cannot be reestablished (in a time
significant to our lifetimes)
Released from a direct source ­ eg burning coal releases heat energy
When primary energy is converted into another form ­ eg heat energy from burning coal is used to
generate electricity.

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Energy Definition/ How it Where it is Advantages Disadvantages
Source is Used Found/
Production Cost/
Future Predictions
for UK
Uranium Nuclear power
Nuclear ­ Uranium atoms are Most common in
Radioactiv split during nuclear Australia, but readily and stations may be
e Isotopes fission in a chain Canada is the cheaply unpopular ­ public
reaction producing largest exporter. available perception of safety
lots of heat energy.…read more

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Using oil is very
UK has 2 oilfired
changed layer into transport links expensive compared
power stations ­
waxy kerogen ­ a and plentiful to oil and gas
each produces
hydrocarbon. cooling water
enough energy to
Depending on how supply 180, 000, supplies
liquid/ gaseous the 000 homes with Large amount
mixture is becomes electricity, of energy can
either crude oil or together be produced
natural gas contributing 1.2% quickly from
of the UK's energy one power
Oil burned to heat
needs.…read more

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Norway, the transport by Nonrenewable/ finite
Gas burned in a
Middle East and pipeline ­ will run out by end
turbine ­ turns a
Africa. Large amounts
of 21st century
producing 36 in UK of electricity UK imports most of its
electricity.…read more

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It is unlikely that in
the UK there will be will not run demand for
a huge increase in out electricity (due to
hydroelectric power Dams store low population)
as all largescale water so we Not all countries
sites are now in use. can control have suitable
Some smallscale when locations for these
sites may develop electricity is plants ­ eg in the UK
however.…read more

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Renewable/ Dependent on
Solar Solar ­ from the Largescale solar
Sun ­ the Sun energy plants are flow resource : sunlight exposure
produces energy on only effective in Sun's light/ PV cells less
a massive scale via countries with a lot heat is free effective when
nuclear fusion.…read more

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Green Energy for homes with
Schools PV panels
Programme'. receive
Solar Energy approx. 50%
doubled in UK's their energy
energy mix between from them
Sep 20142015.
Lead the
`Renewables Surge'
­ renewables
increased from
16.4% in 2013 to
25% in Sep 2015
(surpassing coal for
the first time).
But government
plans for an 87%
reduction in solar
energy.…read more

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No pollution Effectiveness of
Ground Type of solar ­ Can be built
Source relies on sun anywhere where a Running costs system varies w/
warming the pipe can be put just v low seasons ­ however,
ground. below ground Reduces installing the correct
surface.…read more

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Point no fuel costs areas that rely on
Absorbers as it is a flow tourism as main
capture wave resource industry ­
energy as dif. No CO2 / GHG aesthetically
parts of them emissions unpleasing/
move in Area Efficient eyesore; could
sympathy with ­ half a square detract from
the waves. mile Wave tourism.…read more

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France: 20yrs for
rises, aquatic life at
generating estuary to recover.
electricity as
they fill. Water
released slowly
turbines to
generate power
as tide falls
Tidal Barrages
built across
estuaries. Like
lagoons, hold
water back to
create dif in
tidal height.…read more



excellent thank you

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