American entry into WWII

Reasons why America wanted to keep out of the war and reasons why they joined

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America's Entry into World War Two
Why did America not involve want Why did America enter the war in
to involve itself in the war 1941?
FDR promise to keep America out of Panay Incident
a European war Few U.S. officials
The reason he was re-elected recommended taking a
he had to try and keep that strong stance prior to 1937,
promise and so the United States did
little to help China for fear of
Isolationists wanted to stay out provoking Japan.
Large, vocal and powerful US likelihood of providing aid
group to China increased after July
7, 1937, when Chinese and
Neutrality Act was strengthened Japanese forces clashed on
In January 1937, the Congress the Marco Polo Bridge near
passed a joint resolution Beijing, throwing the two
outlawing the arms trade nations into a full-scale war.
with Spain. As the United States watched
The Neutrality Act of 1937, Japanese forces sweep down
passed in May, included the the coast and then into the
provisions of the earlier acts, capital of Nanjing, popular
this time without expiration opinion swung firmly in
date, and extended them to favour of the Chinese.
cover civil wars as well. On 27th November 1937, the
Furthermore, U.S. ships were Chinese officials notified the
prohibited from American Embassy that it
transporting any passengers must evacuate. The
or articles to belligerents, and ambassador and most of the
U.S. citizens were forbidden Embassy personnel departed
from travelling on ships of the next day on the USS
belligerent nations. Luzon. The rest of the
Embassy remained another
Public opinion week.
Most Americans supported On the 1st December 1937,
the effort to stay out of the Japanese fired on a group
another European war of American and British ships
Public poll: 94% against (escorting oil barges and
joining the war carrying Embassy officials and
civilians); hoping that it might
Johnson Act 1934 precipitate a war with

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Prohibited any future lending America and end civilian
to countries that defaulted on influence in the Japanese
their WWI loans. Government.
Ensured America's neutrality
Domestic issues still needed On the 12th December
addressing Japanese planes and navy
Just out of great depression bombers deliberately
Sort themselves out before attacked Panay.…read more

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Needed to get itself back up He had to wait until the time
before entering a war was right in order to s
pose the idea of joining the
Scared of losing world superpower war
status Roosevelt suggested a
Needed to improve America Lend-Lease scheme to help
back to its wealthy and the Allies.
powerful self
Pearl Harbour
On the 26th November 1941
Japanese aircraft were sent
over to pearl harbour (a naval
base in Hawaii) in the aim to
destroy their ships and
aircraft.…read more

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