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America's Entry into World War Two
Why did America not involve want Why did America enter the war in
to involve itself in the war 1941?
FDR promise to keep America out of Panay Incident
a European war Few U.S. officials
The reason he was re-elected recommended taking a

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Prohibited any future lending America and end civilian
to countries that defaulted on influence in the Japanese
their WWI loans. Government.
Ensured America's neutrality

Domestic issues still needed On the 12th December
addressing Japanese planes and navy
Just out of great depression bombers deliberately
Sort themselves out before attacked Panay.…

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Needed to get itself back up He had to wait until the time
before entering a war was right in order to s
pose the idea of joining the
Scared of losing world superpower war
status Roosevelt suggested a
Needed to improve America Lend-Lease scheme to help
back to its…

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