How important was the French entry in the American Victory of the War of Independence

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  • How important was French entry in the American Victory?
    • Washington
      • Good judge of character
        • Key figures such as Baron von Steuben to train unprepared troops at Valley Forge
          • More able to attack British - victory?
      • Southerner
        • Shows wide spread support - thought that it was a northern belief to want independence
          • Installed confidence into army - united support
    • Support for Glorious Cause
      • Declaration of Independence
        • Intercolonial dedication
      • Common Sense by Thomas Paine (Anti-British Pamphlet)
        • Popularity shows large support - 120,000 copies sold
          • Without  large dedication no victory as they weren't as militarily skilled
            • Intercolonial dedication
    • Poor British Stratergy
      • Winter of 1776 - Howe did not seize the open Philadelphia  no decrease in morale - Washington time to regroup
      • 1777 - Plan to seperate New England from other colonies
        • General Howe decided to abandon the plan and launch an attack on Philadelphia instead. Left Burgoyne with little supplies - American strength
      • Important as America were in a weaker position (military) so likely victory if no missed opportunities
    • Location
      • Washington knowledge of terrain
      • Took 3 months for British soldiers to arrive - supply delay
        • Saratoga - Burgoyne had lack of suplies leading to American Victory
          • Important - had a ripple effect - up American morale, Dec Lord North sent Secret agent to Paris to explore end of war
    • Use of Allies
      • Important as Americans were running out supplies so were unlikely to win war - spread out attention makes up for lack of skill


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