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Why did America go to war?
Part of the reason for going to war against the Germany, Japan and Italy. In March
1940: the Lend-Lease act was passed stating Roosevelt could direct aid to
whomever he wanted. This meant that the US was no longer neutral. The US
ended up…

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dilemma. After a meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt, it was agreed that the
British and Americans would have a "Germany first" policy. Whether the Americans
would have declared war on Germany had not Hitler made the decision for them is
one of the great unanswered questions of history. The US…

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In WWI, the USA had been duped by British propaganda on a wide assortment of
issues including the Zimmerman telegraph to Mexico, the Lusitania sinking, and many
other issues. Americans, for the most part, were determined not to be manipulated by
the British again.

President Roosevelt was an advocate of…


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