US TIMELINE 1890-1945

For AQA AS specification 1M. All key events. Colour coded. :)

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Date Action
1887 Acquisation of Pearl Harbour as a naval base
1890 Sherman Anti Trust Act
Silver Purchase Act
McKinley Tariff
1892 Cleveland elected President
Steelworkers Strike
1894 Pullman Strike
March of the u/e
1896 McKinley elected President
1898 Spanish American War ­est control over Cuba and Phillipines
Annexation of Hawaii and in 1900 granted self governance
1900 McKinley reelected
1901 McKinley assinated, T Roosevelt President
Platt Amendment
1902 Anthracite coal strike
Venezuala defaulted on debts to Europe but US intervened
1903 Mann Act (prohibited white slavery to attempt to stop prostitution)
Alaska Boundary Dispute
Panama Canal
1904 Roosevelt Corollary over Monroe Doctrine ­est US influence in Panama
1905 Roosevelt acts as mediator ending Russo-Japanese war
Controls Dominican Republic finances
1906 Hepburn Act (ICC set max rail rates)
1907 Great White Fleet tour Pacific ports
1908 Taft elected President
National Conservation Conference
Root- Takahira Agreement ­ accept condition in Far East.
1912 Wilson President (reelected in 1916) after Republican party splits between
Roosevelt for the progressives and Taft
1913 Underwood Tariff (reduced duties and made food, wool duty free)
Federal Reserve Act (created central banking system)
Introduction of federal income tax (to make up for Underwood tax)
Federal Trade Commission formed (to stop unfair practices)
1914 WWI- US declares neutrality
Clayton Anti Trust Act (certain business practices such as price fixing)
Opening of Panama Canal
Wilson sends US forces to occupy Port of Vera Cruz, Mexico
1915 Sinking of Lusitania
Birth of a Nation- encourages growth of KKK
1917 US entry into WWI ­ after Germany resumes unrestricted submarine warfare
and the discovery of the Zimmermann telegram

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Points drawn up
Lever Act (state control over coal industry)
Espionage Act (prohibited any attempt to interfere with military operations)
1918 WWI ends
Sedition Act (prohibited language against US govt)
1919 Volstead Act and Eighteenth Amendment ­ introduction of Prohibition.…read more

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Al Capone imprisoned
1932 Johnson Act
Federal Home Loan Bank Act
Reconstuction Finance Corporation set up
Emerency Relief and Construction Act
Bonus March on Washington
Roosevelt elected President (reelected in 36,40 and 44)
1933 Abolition of Prohibition
London Economic Conference (US did not attend)
Montevideo Conference
March Roosevelt inaugurated ­ 100 days
Emergency Banking Relief Act
Farm Credit Act
May Glass-Steagall Act
Truth-in Securities Act
AAA ­Agricultural Adjustment Act
TVA- Tennessee Valley Authority
FERA ­ Federal Emergency Relief Act
June NIRA ­ National Industrial…read more

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US gunboat Panay sunk
Ludlow Amendment (shows strength of isolationism)
July Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act
September Wagner- Steagall National Housing Act
February 2nd AAA- Agricultural Adjustment Act
June Fair Labor Standards Act
1939 Executive Office of the President created
Outbreak of WWII in Europe
Beginning of US research into nuclear weapons
1940 Roosevelt re-elected for 3rd time
Greater East Asia Co- Prosperity Sphere set up
US destroyers traded for British bases
Smith Act
Selective Service Act
1941 Lend- Lease Act
Atlantic Charter
Japanese attack…read more


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