Key Issue One

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  • Key Issue One
    • Long Telegram 1946
      • George Kennan - Sent a Telegram from USSR to USA about the Threat of Communist Expansion
    • 'Sinews of Peace' Speech 1946
      • 'Iron Curtain Speech' - Highlighted Domination of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe after WWII
    • Truman Doctrine 1947
      • Foundation of American Cold War Foreign Policy - Policy of Containment Implied
    • Marshall Plan 1947
      • Large Scale Economic Programme to Help Countries After WWII
    • CIA and NSC
      • CIA - Gathers Intelligience NSC - Considers Foreign Policy and National Security
    • UN and NATO
      • UN - promotes internation cooperation NATO - Collective Defence (rival to Warsaw pact)
    • Red Scare
      • Joseph McCarthy - Fear of a Communist Espionage in the USA
    • Defensive Perimeter 1950
      • Ensure Security of Asia - Korea left out though
    • Domino Theory
      • The idea that if one country fell to Communsim, those around it would also
    • Containment of Communism
      • Model States Policy - China (FAILED), Japan and Phillipines (SUCCESS)


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