Latin GCSE OCR A402 Higher Tier Difficult Vocab

My difficult words on the OCR Latin Vocab list A402 Higher Tier


Hard "Q" words

qualis? quale? - what sort of?

quam - than

quam + superlative adjective - possible

quantus? quanta? quantum? - how big? how much?

quo? - to where?

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tricky conjunctions

simul - at the same time

simulac, simulatque - as soon as

ne- that...not, so that...not, that, (lest)

cum - when, since

ut + subjunctive – that, so that, in order that

ut + indicative – as, when

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Hard adverbs + adjectives

maxime - very greatly

satis - enough ( adjective + adverb)

tot - so many

totus, tota, totum – whole

umquam – ever

vehementer – violenty, loudly

verus – true, real

tantus – so great, such a great

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