Aims, Successes, Failures, Weaknesses and Strengths of the LofN

This document has two tables. One lists the Aims of the League of Nations and gives examples of Successes and Failures for each aim. The second page has a list of weaknesses and strengths of the league and evidence of where those strengths and weaknesses are shown. Hope this helps, especially with your Point > Evidence > Explaination Structure.

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Aim Successes Failures

To encourage nations to disarm Washington Conference: USA, World Disarmament
Britain, France and Japan agreed Conference: 59 countries were
to limit the size of their navies. present but the conference
collapsed with no agreement.
Germany wanted other countries
to disarm but France was too
afraid. When Germany…

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unnecessary force, Germany
issued a general strike so there
were no goods to take.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the League of Nations

Weakness Example

The US didn't joined even Abyssinian Crisis: League imposed
though it was the most economic sanctions but USA was a major
powerful country. supplier and they…

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Strengths Example

Popular and well supported ­ After around 10 million dead in WW1, 42
especially collective security. countries joined the league. 60 members
by the 1930s.

Specialist in each area, They had commissions for slavery,
focused. Mandates, Refugees and Health plus


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