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GCSE History
facts about the
Treaty of Versailles
and League of
Nations.…read more

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What did Wilson want at
3 SS
O Self Determination
O Strengthen International Cooperation
O Make the world "Safe for democracy:
O Punish Germany but not cripple them
O Limit loss of land and reparations
O Let Germany recover from the war
Then refer to page 6…read more

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What did Lloyd George
want at Versailles?
3 Ps
O Protect the British empire
O Preserve trade
O Punish Germany but not too harshly
Then refer to page 7…read more

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What did Clemenceau
4 Rs
want at Versailles?
O Return Alsace Lorraine (taken in 1871)
O Revenge for war
O Remove threat of future German invasion
O Demilitarize the Rhineland
O Limit the German armed forces
O Resources for reconstruction
O Reparations from Germany
O 1.3m French soldiers killed, 300,000 homes
Then refer to page 8…read more

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Terms of the Treaty of
(GARGLE) Versailles
O War Guilt
O Armed forces
O Reparations
O Germany lost land
O League of Nations
Refer also to page 5 in the notes…read more

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What restrictions were
placed on the German
O Conscription banned
O Army 100,000 men only
O Navy, 6 battleships, 15,000 men
O No air force, armoured vehicles or
O Rhineland demilitarized…read more

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