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3. Hitler's Foreign Policy and the
Origins of the Second World War
How did Hitler challenge and exploit the Treaty of Versailles 1933 to March
Hitler's aims in foreign policy

While in prison in 1924, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (`my struggle'). In this and later writings in
the 1920s,…

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6. 1937 Hitler used the Spanish Civil War as am opportunity to test out his new
tanks and aircraft in active combat
7. March 1938 Anschluss (political union). Hitler united Austria with Germany ­ NOT
8. September ­ October 1938 Germany takes the Sudetenland (part of
Czechoslovakia full of…

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Britain and France did not act against Germany breaking the terms of the Treaty
because Britain felt the terms were unfair and France were afraid of German
recovery and wanted the Treaty strengthened, not weakened but could not act
alone, so Britain and France could not agree what to do.…

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join France. Nazi propaganda made great use of this. Victory in the plebiscite was
publicised as the removal of one of the injustices of Versailles. It was greeted with great
celebration in Germany. Hitler announced to the world that all cause of grievance
between France and Germany had now been…

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support the French. However, Chamberlain asked Hitler whether he had plans to invade
Czech and was reassures by Hitler's promise.

Why did Chamberlain's policy of appeasement fail to
prevent the outbreak of war in 1939?
Why did Britain and France follow a policy of Appeasement?

Appeasement is a political compromise…

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People still remembered the effects of Hitler was getting away with everything,
WW1 so they didn't want another one. To and he wrote down and said what he was
prevent this we let Hitler do what he going to do but Britain ignored these signs
wanted and not get in…

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Sudetenland to Germany. 3 days later, Hitler increased his demands ­ he wanted
ALL the Sudetenland. He justified his demands by claiming that the Czech
government was mistreating the Germans in the Sudetenland. Everyone was
prepared for war (Britain, Italy, France vs. Germany). However, on 29 September, B,
I, F…

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The Nazi Soviet Pact

Responsibility for the outbreak of WW2

Factor Supporting evidence Opposing evidence
Too harsh on Germany (limitations) June 1919 ­ 20 yrs before war
The Treaty of Lost things e.g. land and wanted Hitler agreed to terms in Locarno
Versailles revenge treaties 1925
Brought peace for 20…

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Created distrust with other powers, Other countries appeased
sense of uneasiness Carried out peacefully (no guns etc.)
The Hoare-Laval pact ­ secretive 1935 war happened 4 yrs later
meetings between Britain and France Britain did try to hold the League
shows that Britain didn't support the together permanent member




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