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Study Aim Sample
- To see the effect of - Experiment 1:
leading questions on 45 student participants from University of Washington.
memory of an event. To find - Divided into 5 groups of 9 participants each group asked question with different verb: smashed, collided,
Loftus & out if changing…

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To demonstrate that if
children were witnesses to
aggressive behaviour by an All attended Stanford University nursery school. 72 children, 36 boys, 36 girls, aged 37 to 69 months. Each
Developmental Bandura
adult they would imitate this child rated by experimenter and teacher on 5-point scale of aggressiveness, then placed…

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the difference between and employment records. Claimed to hear voices of the same sex saying: "empty", "hollow", "thud".
people who are sane and - Spent time writing notes of their observations in the 12 psychiatric wards in the USA.
those who are insane.

- 60 participants.
- Mean age 23.4…

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privilege. - Psychometric tests measuring social variables (racism, social dominance, authoritarianism) and clinical
- To analyse what variables (depression, anxiety, paranoia etc)
conditions lead - Full weekend assessment by independent clinical psychologists
individuals to identify - Medical and character references, police checks.
with their group, and
accept or challenge -…


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