OCR AS Psychology Core Studies

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Aim for Milgrim's study?
To investigate obedience to legitimate authority figures
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Method for Milgrim's study?
Lab experiment/Controlled observation
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Participants for Milgrim?
40 American men aged between 20 and 50, volunteer sample from a range of backgro
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Aim for Piliavin?
To investigate the effect of variables on helping behavior in a real life situation
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Method for Piliavin?
Field experiment
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IV's for Piliavin?
Victim drunk or ill, victim black or white, model interacts after 70 sec, 150 sec or not at all, group size
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DV's for Piliavin?
Time taken for anyone to intervene, number of people in carriage, race/gender of helpers
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Participants for Piliavin?
4500 approx, all unaware they were taking part
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Aim for Reicher + Haslam?
To investigate the way people respond to a system of inequality in a prison situation
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Participants for Reicher + Haslam?
Adverts placed in paper, 332 applied, 27 screen, final 15 chosen
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Method for Reicher + Haslam?
Experimental Case Study/Controlled observation/Lab experiment
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Aim for Freud?
To give Freud an opportunity to test his theory about infantile sexuality and the Oedipus Complex on a real child and to test his explanation about how phobias begin
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Method for Milgrim's study?


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Participants for Milgrim?


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Aim for Piliavin?


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