Adolescence is a Time of Conflict- Including storm and stress and other alternative views

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Information about it Supporting Evidence Refuting Evidence
Coleman's Focal Theory It attempts to explain why most 800 boys and girls aged between 11- 17 EVAL- cross cultural validity as they used
adolescence can cope well in potentially years. Hendry et al interviewed them different cultures, people may lie to
stressful situations. According to asking them to discuss topics that were avoid embarrassment; questions may
Coleman they deal with one problem at anxiety- provoking e.g. self- image. The not be understood by all ages, individual
a time. They spread the process of results showed that each event differences are ignored, most
adaptation over several years, happened at different stages. Each adolescents would not call these crises
attempting to resolve one issue at a issue seemed to peak at particular ages. `crises' it is therefore not justified to say
time before addressing the next. E.g. peer relations peaked earlier than that all adolescence is a time of storm
Different problems and relationships occupations. However, some adolescents and stress
come into focus and are dealt with at dealt with particular issues earlier and
different points during the adolescent later than others so this shows that
years. The stresses are formed from adolescent life can be seen as a
needing to adapt and don't have to be mixture of stability and adjustment in
dealt with at once. different areas of life at different times.
For the minority of adolescents who
experience difficulties do because they
have more than one stressful event
happening at once e.g. exams and
family issues at home too. These events
are completely out of the control of the
individual. Boys are more likely to use
active coping and try to alter, reduce or
get rid of the stress. However, they are
also more likely to deny the problem or
to withdraw from the stress. Girls are
more likely to use social support as a
means of coping and to utilise emotion-
focussed coping strategies and to try to
change the emotional state created by
the stressor. There is also evidence that
girls are more affected by stress and
perceive events as being more stressful
than males

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Blos' Adolescent Relationships Blos claimed that adolescents tend to Blos' view that separation is needed for
overreact to parental authority and are healthy development has been
constantly trying to show their described as out of date by Wade et al.
individuality. Blos saw rebellion as an This criticism is supported with
important ego defence which prevents evidence. 65 mothers- daughter pairs
adolescents becoming dependant on in the USA and Britain and found that
their parents again.…read more


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