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Reward/Need satisfaction model (Byrne and
Clore, 1970)
Based on classical and operant
Operant = rewards and punishment (think
rats and the button/lever exp). People who
make us feel happy is like the reward, and
we're more likely to repeat rewarding
behaviours, so spend more time with them
Classical = through association (think
pavlov's dogs). If we meet people when we'
re happy, we'll associate them with being
in a good mood. Successful relationships…read more

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commentary of R/N satisfaction model
Research support ­ Griffitt and Guay
(1969), ppts were evaluated on a creative
task by the experimenter in the presence
of an onlooker, and was then asked how
much they liked them both. Ratings was
highest when they were positively
Hays (1985) found an importance in
rewarding the other person and not just
being rewarded yourself
Non-Western collectivist cultures place less
emphasis on the receipt of reinforcements
Gender differences ­ women are socialised…read more

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The matching hypothesis (Walster et al,
Main assumptions are that people tend to
pair up with those who are similar in levels
of attractiveness.
The more socially desirable someone is
(attractiveness, popularity, intelligence, etc)
the more desirable their partner should be
Couples who are equally matched
experience happier more enduring
Matching in real world ­ attractiveness
levels similar in couples. Also, a stronger
matching effect has been found in more…read more

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commentary on matching hypothesis
Walster et al's dance study supports the
hypothesis. Found that in randomly
matched couples, more positive reactions
were given to more attractive individuals,
and were more likely to be asked on a date.
Other factors, e.g. intelliegence didn't
make a difference
Complex matching ­ factors other than
attractiveness play a role, like humour,
personality and repuation
Women place less stress on physical
attractiveness than men, suggesting men
can compensate more easily
Role of 3rd party ­ friends and family…read more

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