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J.F.K'S significance in the
improvement of equal rights
for black Americans
By Sade Thomas…read more

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Kennedy's First year
He pushed for more blacks to be employed by the
federal government.
Kennedy had appointed 40 blacks to top posts and
he chose 5 black judged which include Thurgood
Marshall who had be known to be involved in the
NAACP movement.
However Kennedy did appoint segregationists to
judicial posts in the Deep South, which would help
political realism as he didn't want to alienate
southern white voters.
No previous president had ever made so many
black appointments and therefore Kennedy must
be seen as responsible for advancing civil rights in
the federal employment sector.…read more

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Kennedy and his Legalistic
approach and Robert Kennedy
Appointed his brother Robert as Attorney
General at the Justice Department with the job
of enforcing existing law.
Robert desegregated schools in New Orleans,
Atlanta and Memphis.
Robert brought 57 cases against illegal
violations of black voting rights in the South,
compared to a mere six under Eisenhower.…read more

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Kennedy's Symbolic gestures
Invited more blacks to the White House than
any previous president.
Left an exclusive club which denied
membership to blacks.
Threatened to cut funding when the
Washington red skins refused to take black
players, because of this threat, the team
signed 3 black players.…read more

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Freedom rides launched: Kennedy forced to
send in the National Guard to protect Freedom
During 1969 Justice Department used Federal
Marshals to enforce desegregation…read more

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During the Meredith VS University of
Mississippi, in his admission Bobby Kennedy
sent 500 marshals to help James Meredith to
Kennedy sent the Mississippi National Guard
and US army soldiers to the area
In Alabama Kennedy sent in federal troops,
marshals and the federalised Alabama
National Guard
At Alabama JFK declared black inequality
immoral, appealing to the Bible and the US
constitution.…read more

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