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Section B sports psychology

The increase in the use of psychologists in sport has enabled the field to develop into a separate
field of sport science. Sports psychology has developed from traditional psychology and aims to
aid optimum performance and minimize the negative impact of pressure. Many psychological
theories can…

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They suggest we learn by gaining an understanding of the
situation and selecting an appropriate response as opposed
to learning responses to stimuli.

The Gestalt school:
Koffa, Keohler and Lewin developed the Gestalt school of
thought, seeing learning as an initial trial and error process
Here, the learner experiments until…

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The psychoanalytic approach suggests that we are driven by
instincts that lead us to behave in certain ways.
We may be driven by death instincts, destructive drives such
as aggression, life instincts, positive and creative drives such
as empathy.
Freud suggests that our mind is made up of three


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