A Level PE - Mass Participation to Excellence

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A Level PE - Mass Participation to Excellence:


The Sports Development Continuum:

  • Same as participation pyramid from GCSE
  • 4 stages:
    • Foundation
    • Participation
    • Performance
    • Excellence


  • Related to early skill development and provides the basis for future participation
  • Without this stage people are unlikely to take part in sport in the future and this can have a knock on effect in the latter stages of the continuum
  • E.g. playing a sport with a parent or sibling


  • This refers to sport undertaken primarily for fun and at a basic level
  • E.g. Little kickers football


  • This signifies a move from basic competence to a more structured level of sport and competition, e.g. county, district
  • This section implies regular coaching and training and there will be an increased desire to win


  • This is concerned with reaching the top and apply to people at National, international and professional level

Factors Affecting Progress Through the Continuum:

  • It is easy to look at the sport development continues and assume that people will naturally progress through the sections
  • However, there are many sociological factors that may help or hinder a person’s progress

Factors Affecting Movement up the Pyramid:

  • Ability/performance
  • Finance/income
  • Leisure time
  • Education
  • Physical education
  • Family
  • Peer pressure
  • Role models
  • Facilities
  • Transport
  • Media
  • Body image
  • Tradition
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Provision

Creating the Foundation Base:

  • Sport England charge all National Governing Bodies (NGB’s), I.e. The FF with the responsibility to encourage people to participate in their sport
  • The NGB must provide Sport England with a ‘Whole Sport Plan’ which outlines their plan for increasing participation over 4 years
  • Without a ‘Whole Sport Plan’ a


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