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Jordan Akisanya

`'The LDDC's strategy has been to correct market failures and to create the circumstances
and infrastructure in which private investment would fund the economic regeneration of
London Docklands, while at the same time to improve the social infrastructure and public
amenities from their low base.''

Evaluate the success…

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Jordan Akisanya

The LDDC had the power to buy land and then use the land in any way they saw fit to benefit
the area as a whole. There were also other organisations that helped the LDDC in the
planning and redevelopment of the Docklands. I believe the most beneficial…

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Jordan Akisanya

connectivity of the area, allowing for more people to travel to and from it. It opened in 1987
and has since seen 3 stages of extensions and improvements, though at the time the
service stopped in the evenings and had a limited service at weekends. The Corporation also…

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Jordan Akisanya

fasting growing airports with passenger numbers constantly increasing. The main success of
the airport in terms of providing a benefit to the airport was the fact that it promoted
tourism in the area but also it had become a major local employer, which was crucial in
terms of…


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