Booklet of Case Studies for Human Geography

A booklet of case studies for the Human Geography side of AQA Geography A2, covering World Cities and Development and Globalisation topics.

Where it says 'Photocopy:...' are case studies from the "AQA A2 Geography" Textbook by Phillip Allen Updates, which I'm going to scan in and put in the document soon.

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A Booklet of Case Studies for
All page numbers correspond to "AQA A2 Geography" by Phillip Allen Updates

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World Cities…read more

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Case Study of Urbanisation
Sao Paulo: Photocopy from p134-136
Case Study of Counter-urbanisation
St Ives: Photocopy from p144-145
Case Study of Re-urbanisation
Gentrification in Notting Hill: Photocopy from p147-148…read more

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Case Study of Urban Regeneration
London Docklands Development Corporation
London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC), first UDC established in 1981
Object was to redevelop 8.5 sq miles of East London around Tower Hamlets and
Response to huge decline in the area's economy when docks went out of fashion in
1960s, leaving dereliction and crumbling infrastructure
Area was not attractive to developers because it would be very expensive to
redevelop without government help
Infrastructure could not serve industry properly
The UDCC managed to achieve ­
£1.…read more

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Case Study of Urban Regeneration
Hulme Development Corporation (City Challenge Partnerships)
- To gain funding, a local authority had to create an `imaginative' project in which a local
partnership is formed with the local private sector and community
- The partnership then submit a 5-year plan to the government
- BUT! The catch is that other local authorities and local communities and the local private
sectors are also competing for funding!
- The most successful schemes combined social, environmental and economic outcomes
By 1993, these…read more

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Case Study of Out of Town Retailing Area
The Trafford Centre: Photocopy from p163-4 (and possible notes)
The Merry Hill Centre: Photocopy from Geo Factsheet p2
The Metro Centre: Photocopy from Geo Factsheet p3…read more

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Case Study of Urban Centre Redevelopment
Kingston-upon-Hull: Photocopy from p168-169
Curitiba: Photocopy from notes…read more

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Case Study of Waste Management
Nairobi, Kenya
- Recycling is very important part of the economy
- Waste tips are scavenged for any recoverable or recyclable material for instance:
- Old car tyres are cut up and used to make cheap sandals
- Washing machine doors used as kitchen bowls, and the drums as storage units
- Glass bottles are collected and returned to stores for refilling
- Food waste is collected and fed to animals or composted for use on vegetable
- Tin…read more

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Case Study of Transport and Management
- Singapore, before ERP/ALS, had serious congestion and pollution problems.
- Traffic management in the form of an Area license System that charged drivers a flat rate
for unlimited entries into Singapore's central area, was implemented in 1975.
- The ALS system led to an almost immediate 45% reduction in traffic and a 25% decline in
vehicle crashes.
- In 1998, Singapore replaced the system with the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) program,
which uses modern technology.…read more

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Case Study of Transport and Management
To Become the UK's most sustainable transport city by 2012
Car and taxi usage has fluctuated since 2001 but has fallen from 64% to 60% between 2001
and 2008, however, there is a slight incline from 2007 to 2008 suggesting fluctuation may
Current and past activity
Free B buses were public buses founded by `Cardiff Bus' which offered zero fares around
Cardiff city centre.…read more


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