'Resurrection is more likely to be true than reincarnation' Discuss

Points I would include to answer this question,  I like this layout but instead of advantages and disadvantages my sides will be YES and NO

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'Resurrection is more likely to be true than reincarnation' Discuss


  • There is a biblical example of resurrection - that of Jesus and since millions of people believe the story it is more likely to be true than reincarnation which is certainly harder to understand
  • Christ appears to talk more of spiritual resurrection which is more rational to believe in and St. Paul wrote about resurrection as involving the transformation of the person
  • John Hicks replica theory is a way to describe resurrection suggesting that when we die God can create a replica of us - exact in every way, in another world (although he doesn't necessarily believe it himself)
  • There isn't overwhelming evidence for out of body experience and deja vu and remembering and when people claim to be having near death experiences and seeing the light can be explained scientifically


  • There are examples of people remembering events from a previous life which they would in no way be able to understand without it being true
  • In resurrection it is believed that the bodies of people are raised at the end of time, so what happens when people die until then? are they just asleep?
  • There are also studies of people having out of body experiences during near death experiences,although it has little proof, if it were to be true it might suggest that the soul leaving the body signifies that resurrection is not more likely to be true if the soul is leaving the body - a dualist approach and instead could be put into another body depending the karma of the person in hindu beliefs


Resurrection and reincarnation are not designed to cancel one and other out and the validity of each religion relies on what a persons prior belief is but I see it as true to believe that resurrection is more likely to be true than reincarnation, some argue that the hindu belief in reincarnation can be seen as an excuse to the problem as evil as peoples souls or atmans are able to live many lives and if they lead a bad life, instead of being eternally in hell they can change their ways in a next life. Resurrection is also not necessarily to be perceived as physical which is an easier concept to grasp.


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