Different Views on the Afterlife

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Different attitudes to the afterlife

Christian view - Bodily resurrection

  • Largely based on the belief that Jesus rose from the dead
  • This was a physical event but Jesus was in a semi-spiritual body - Needed food and drink, but could walk through walls
  • Bible dictates that the bodies of the dead will rise with Jesus followed by those of the living
  • Issues arise over what happens in between or whether we go straight to God as the thief on the cross story suggests (Jesus told a thief also being crucified that he would be in Paradise today)
  • 4th Lateran council discussed issues of resurrection in 1215 and declared: 'All would rise in their own, entire and immortal bodies'
  • The Council declared that Heavenly resurrection gave you Power + Agility, Impassibility (No pain), glory and without want
  • The council influenced Aquinas who took a Aristotelian approach to body and soul, declaring the soul as 'principle to life'


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