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Life after death -Bodily Resurrection
Life after death is to discuss whether there is a post-mortem existence
Theory that the mind is inseparable from the body.
Mind and body are linked together to form one entity
Human beings are psychophysical unities
Monists will only support life after death if…

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Reassurance that there is life after death
There will be an answer to life problems (Eschatological answer)
The concept of an afterlife, where replicas are observed is perfect

Some propose the idea of multiple replicas but then the individually of the replica is lost.
What stage of the…

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The theory that the mind and body are two separate and distinct entities which exist
independently of the other, but can influence the other.
Humans consist of composite natures. Partly Material (physical body) and Partly NonMaterial
Descartes: The body is spatial but not conscious. Mind is non spatial but…

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Philosophers, though, are like the man who escapes the cave and sees the real world. They have
true knowledge.

Myth of Er
Found at the end of `The Republic'
Plato tells of a soldier, Er, who was killed on the battlefield. After 10 days his body showed no
signs of…

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Hugh Montefione (The Paranormal a Bishop investigates): `Something very specific when
occur when people are near to death or think themselves to be. It is not uncommon for people to
have out of the ordinary experience when they are in situations close to death'

Pleasurable NDEs
Involve mostly feelings of…

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Bad actions: produce suffering for people and are motivated by aggression.

Four types of Karmic effects
Maximum/fully ripened an action motivated by hatred will cause rebirth in hell.
Effect = similar to cause if we often are criticised/lied to by other, this is a result of lying in the

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At the final hour people will hear the sound of trumpets and all people from past and present
will be gathered in front of God.
Those who have lived virtuous lives are to be rewarded with entrance into the `garden beneath
which rivers flow' perceived to be Heaven (Jannah)


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