Mao Zedong VS Chiang Kai Shek

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Mao Zedong VS Chiang Kai Shek


  • Mao was educated and a calm and controlled leader. When the GMD took Yan'an Mao said "We give Chiang Yan'an. He will give us China".
  • Mao had an excellent team. Deng Xiaoping & Lin Biao.
  • Mao had the respect of his soldiers. Mao's six points created in september 1927 were respected and generally stuck too by the CCP soldiers.


  • CKS was an irrational leader who had no military experience. This was shown when at Xuzhou he made the irrational decision of inteferring from over 200miles away. This decision left the GMD exposed from 3 sides, perhaps costing them the battle.
  • CKS didn't trust anybody. He failed to trust Young Marhsal who because of his involvement in the Xi'an incident in 1936 was kept under house arrest. He could have proved crucial in gaining GMD support from peasants.

Overall comparison

Mao was an educated man who was respected by his army. He also had two men who he fully trusted and acknowledged their strengths. CKS was an insecure leader who was not skilled enough as a military man to be capable of leading an army. 


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