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Civil War: 1946 - 1949
The civil war broke out due to the conflict between GMD & CPC
Nationalist - GMD Communist - CPC
·Private enterprise ·Overthrow the regime
·Just wanted the ethnicity to ·Confiscate land from
be Chinese landlords and give to the
·Scared of Foreigners peasants
·Landlords and business ·Industrial Workers &
men peasants
·NRA;National ·Influenced by Russians
Revolutionary Army…read more

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Long Term Causes
·Both parties wanted to control china
·GMD ignored the Japanese struggle so they could take
down the CPC
·The CPC used Propaganda `GMD dividing the nation;
not focussing on struggle
·1941 surprise attack from Japan on U.S Naval Base;
then captured Hong Kong
·America and Britain joined ww2
·USA provided GMD with military weapons
·Japanese started Ichigo offensive
·Chaing Kai Shek got to involved in military causing a
Major defeat!
·GMD still seen as a Legit Gov.…read more

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Short Term Causes
·Both wanted control over china
·GMD still legit allowed them to have surrendered bases
·GMD moved into CPC's land up north with help from
·CPC received help from red army in Manchuria
·In case of civil war parties wanted to consolidate their
·Peace conference made by Soviet Union & USA
·Couldn't decide who would control Gov or military
·GMD moved into Manchuria; Stalin gave them the city
·1946- political conferences ­ failed
·GMD moved away to make a draft of its own constitution…read more

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Civil War Events
July 1946
·Lin Biao used Guerrilla Warfare to move up North when the
GMD aimed to get him in Ya'nan but he had moved already
·Local CPC and PLA adapted the Warfare to blow up
communication and supplies ­ railway in Manchuria
·They isolated the GMD stronghold led to control over Northern
May 1947 Dec 1948
·Changed from guerrilla to ·Had 2 Main offences; capture
conventional, mass forces &
artillery. main railway & Beijing
·Capturing cost & railway in ·They split into 3 groups to
Manchuria to boost control and dominate the south
·Peng Deguai, Lin Biao and
·Trapped the GMD troops, had no
morale! small force from Lin.…read more

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Strengths and Weaknesses
·Mao had his own idea of ·Guerrilla Warfare didn't have
communism, great control enough preparation, taught on battle
·Had control over land in china field
·Emphasised on the Gov. Only ·320,000 troops ­ 600 artillery ­ no
officials could attend meetings aircraft
·Guerrilla Warfare taught in the
Japanese struggle
·Motivated and committed army
·Didn't rely on foreign affairs
·Legit Gov advantage on receiving ·Army not well trained ­ conscript ­
help not motivated or committed
·2,800,000 troops ­ 6,000 artillery ­ ·Chaing trusted the wrong people ­
aircraft debt ­ not well collected taxes
·Good fighting skills ­ conventional ·Lost supporters for not following
·More control over land ­ railway ­ true nationalism, democracy ­
water works improve lives
·Relied on foreign affairs…read more

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Mao believed to win support he needed it from the peasants as they make up the most
population of china.
·Discipline: created a better society Rules of discipline
allowing trust within the army and ·Obey orders in all actions
people like Mao said the army and ·Don't take a single needle or
people are one; thread from masses
·Turn in everything captured
·Mao believed the army could spread
·Rules of attention
his ideology if he created a set of rules ·Speak politely
they should follow. ·Pay fairly for what you buy
·At this time the peasants supported ·Return everything borrowed
GMD because of there aims; but the ·Pay for any damage
CPC use PROPOGANDA to show they ·Don't hit or swear
aren't great! ·Don't destroy crops
·CPC=PATRIOTIC FIGHTING FORCE ·Don't take liberties of women
·GMD: depend on USA, don't car about ·Don't ill-treat captives
Japanese war but want to take down
CPC…read more

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