China in the Cold War

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    • Involvement in Vietnam
      • The Chinese, along with the USSR, supplied North Vietnam with aid during the war
    • Involvement in Korea
      • MacArthur was ordered to cross the 38th Parallel, but only Korean troops should be used near the Yalu River, to not provoke China
        • MacArthur ignored this order which provoked the Chinese into involvement
          • MacArthur was sacked on April 11 1951
      • Mao feared that US forces would invade the Chinese mainland. Therefore he ordered 300,000 troops to be stationed across the Yalu River (Korea-China Border)
      • On October 14 1950, Chinese troops secretly crossed the border into Korea
        • Chinese forces crossed the 38th Parallel and took Seoul on January 4 1951
    • Civil War
      • KMT vs CCP
        • KMT- Kuomintang. National Peoples party lead by Chiang Kai Shek
          • The KMT received aid from the US.
        • CCP- Chinese Communist Party lead by Mao Zedong
          • After Japanese occupation, the CCP appeared to be nationalists
          • The CCP introduced Land Reform and Guerilla Warfare.
      • China fell to communism on October 1 1949
        • The Peoples Republic of China (PRC) was declared by Mao Zedong
          • The US refused to recognise the PRC
          • Chiang Kai Shek and the Nationalists fled to Taiwan
    • Recognition by the US
      • When Nixon came to presidency (1969), he recognised the PRC for the first time
        • 1972 Feb: Nixon meets Zhou Enlai and Mao
          • The Sino-American agreement had successfully opened up diplomacy between the Communist Powers.
          • Nixon's aim was to persuade the Chinese to help achieve peace in Vietnam
            • China then started to pressure Hanoi into peace


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