Arguments For and Against Affirmative Action

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Arguments For and Against Affirmative Action


  • Creates a better learning environment- it promotes racial tolerance within the class room and prepares students for the "real world" better
  • Opens up opportunities for racial minorities- opportunities such as University or job promotions, which previously would have been unavailable, are available for them. For example, University graduation by African Americans from 1965-1995 has improved by 15%.
  • Makes up for past wrongs- Tries to make up for the past discrimination that has been inflicted on racial minorities in the US in the past, such as slavery, segregation and internment camps.


  • Patronises racial minorities- by providing them with advantages it is suggesting that they cannot succeed without help, thus patronising them.
  • Unfair to majorities- The people who are the majority are being denied opportunities on the basis of their race, as the racial minorities are being given the advantage.
  • Puts unskilled workers in place- If people are promoted on the basis of race, rather then their skill, then these people may not have the skills to do the job then others who lost out on the job because of their race.


Affirmative action is a good thing, as most of these arguments are weak. The people who receive advantages from affirmative action are those who really need and deserve the opportunity to do great. However, affirmative action just needs time to work and be given time to prove itself.


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