Past Questions: Racial & Ethnic Politics

Some answered, some not. This is a compilation of all the past paper questions (that were accessible at the time - there may be more now). Good source for practice questions without having to wade through the Edexcel website (which isn't very good...).

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Racial & Ethnic
ShortAnswer Questions (15)
Why, and to what extent, does the Republican Party oppose affirmative action?
Why are ethnic and racial minorities better represented in the House of
Representatives than in the Senate?
What is affirmative action, and what are the justifications for it?
Explain the different arguments that have been advanced against affirmative action.
What are civil rights, and how far have they been achieved in the USA?
Essay Questions (45)
Does the election of a black President mean that racial divisions in the USA have
been overcome?
'Racebased affirmative action has failed.' Discuss
'Racial equality in the USA remains a distant dream.' Discuss


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